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  • Blue Aquamarine Stone 10MM
    Quickshop  Dive into Tranquility: Introducing Our Blue Aquamarine Stone Bracelet - Your Gateway...
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    Blue Aquamarine Stone 10MM
    Regular price $17.00
  • Blue Aventurine Stone 10MM
    Quickshop Genuine Blue Aventurine Stones: Each bead is carefully selected for its unique...
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    Blue Aventurine Stone 10MM
    Regular price $16.00
  • Blue Eye
    Quickshop Protect yourself from evil eye with this beautiful blue eye necklace.   ...
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    Blue Eye
    Regular price $30.00
  • Blue spot Jasper Stone 10MM
    Quickshop Blue spot Jasper Stone 10MM  Dive into Tranquility: Blue Spot Jasper Stone...
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    Blue spot Jasper Stone 10MM
    Regular price $17.00
  • Bold bead bracelet Bold bead bracelet
    Quickshop Introducing our bold bead bracelet, crafted with eye-catching beads that make a...
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    Bold bead bracelet
    Regular price $20.00
  • Celestial earrings Celestial earrings
    Quickshop Available in gold plated 14k & sterling silver.
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    Celestial earrings
    Regular price $14.00
  • Celestial Sunburst
    Quickshop Radiate Mystical Elegance: Introducing the Celestial Sunburst Gold-Plated Necklace!  Step into the...
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    Celestial Sunburst
    Regular price $25.00
  • Cheetah Necklace Cheetah Necklace
    Quickshop Make a statement with this gold plated cheetah necklace.
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    Cheetah Necklace
    Regular price $35.00
  • Chunky Heart
    Quickshop Introducing our exquisite Chunky Heart Necklace, crafted with a gold chain and...
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    Chunky Heart
    Regular price $45.00
  • Clay Bead Open Hoop Earrings Clay Bead Open Hoop Earrings
    Quickshop Elevate Your Style: Introducing Our Clay Bead Open Hoop Earrings - Where...
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    Clay Bead Open Hoop Earrings
    Regular price $12.00
  • Clay bracelet Clay bracelet
    Quickshop Select your favorite color
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    Clay bracelet
    From $11.00
  • Clay Rainbow Earring
    Quickshop Handcrafted with vibrant colors, these Clay Rainbow Earrings add a unique touch...
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    Clay Rainbow Earring
    Regular price $17.00