About us

About us

Escobar Drip began from a simple and eloquent passion for jewelry. Since a young age, our founder has consistently found inspiration from what the designs and refined materials can bring to a person’s aesthetic and how much meaning they can capture. Stories, memories, and vibrant personalities can get locked into each piece, providing the groundwork for our remarkable, cutting-edge designs.

We started Escobar Drip in June 2021 as an outlet to find the most innovative, exciting, and rewarding jewelry pieces on the market. Those searching for a perfect accessory to complement their attire will find a collection that sees no limits on what it can achieve for their style. Discover multitudinous pieces from various niches, including elegant, punk, traditional, fashionable, and much more.


Our Vision

We envision Escobar Drip as a single, premium retailer of delicate jewelry designs from the world’s most exciting creators. Our inventory can help provide a piece that uplifts and completes your ensemble, touching on every design style in various colors and materials.


Our Values

Escobar Drip incorporates three core values into our outlet - solution, innovation, and seamlessness. We continue sourcing incredible, desirable jewelry into our store to ensure that our customers get spoilt for choice in accessories. Our stock sees innovation not found anywhere else, providing the most extraordinary pieces. Finally, we seek to deliver a seamless customer experience from browsing to delivery of our merchandise.

 Our Promise

We are very passionate about our jewelry. That’s why we offer a promise of quality and satisfaction with all pieces we supply. Please get in touch with our team if you find any of our merchandise lacking in those factors.

 Thank you for supporting my dreams and my small business. You guys make this possible!